Affiliate Disclosure

Strength to Go participates in affiliate marketing. This means that if you click one of our links to another website and make a purchase there, we might receive a commission for the sale. We do this to fund the cost of hosting and maintenance of the website, as well as the continued addition of more content.

Our sponsored links appear at no cost to you, and you are under no obligation to purchase anything from any of our advertisers.

These links also do not affect what we write and how we write about certain topics. Our mission is to serve as a trustworthy source for useful advice for fitness enthusiasts, and we cannot do that if we recommend inferior products or services. Any product or service we recommend is based on our own experience of using these products in the pursuit of fitness.

We strive for transparency, so we have taken these two steps to help you better see which links are sponsored:

  • Any post that contains a sponsored link has a disclosure at the beginning of the post noting that the post contains affiliate links.
  • Individual sponsored links are noted as “Sponsored” in mouseover tooltips.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a program in which a content publisher like Strength to Go makes an agreement with a business to promote their product or service. When the publisher refers customers to the business, the publisher receives a percentage of the sale in exchange for the referral.

Affiliate programs are a very common model used by content websites throughout the internet. In fact, affiliate marketing is responsible for 16% of all online sales. Another common monetization model used by content websites is banner advertising, and Strength to Go delivers its banner ads through Google Adsense.

What does this mean for me?

As we mentioned above, our sponsored links appear at no cost to you. There’s nothing you need to do to opt out, and you can browse the site normally.