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neuromuscular efficiency

What Is ‘Neuromuscular Efficiency?’ How To Test It And Use It...

As athletes, we are always trying to find ways to work out smarter and not harder. When developing your most efficient and effective workout...
winter strength training soccer

Winter Strength Training Exercises for Soccer Players

If you’re a soccer player, the time between seasons is the perfect time to focus on strength-building workouts. Adding these 5 exercises to your...
squeeze muscle lifting weights

Why it’s Important to “Squeeze” Your Muscles When Lifting Weights

If you read a lot of fitness articles, watch fitness videos or have worked with a trainer, odds are you’ve heard the recommendation to...
whats the difference between squat and deadlift bars

What’s the Difference Between a Squat Bar and a Deadlift Bar?

When it comes to big lifts, the barbell is usually the go-to bar. And while many bars can be used for a variety of different exercises, some bars are specifically designed for specific exercises to improve performance and prevent injuries.
bodyweight exercises you can do at home

5 Bodyweight Exercises to Build Strength at Home

Are you too busy to get to the gym? Do you want to get a good workout but don’t want to have to put...