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strength exercises for dancers

10 Strength Training Exercises for Dancers

Dancing is one of the most physically demanding activities that the human body can do. In order to execute movements that are not only...
ideal squat depth

How Low Should You Go: What is the Proper Squat Depth?

When it comes to strengthening exercises for the lower body, the squat is king. And while it may seem like one of the most...
high reps vs low reps

High Reps vs. Low Reps: What’s the Difference?

If you look around any gym, you’re likely to find a wide discrepancy between the number of reps that different people are lifting. But...
barbell chalk

When to Use Chalk at the Gym

One way you can tell a barbell gym from a fitness center is whether they provide chalk. But chalk isn’t just for powerlifters, there...

How to do a Superset

There’s a good reason why you might be hearing a lot about supersetting around the gym these days. Supersets are simple to do and...